Buckman Fellowship College of Design
Girls Making Comics project, Ursula Murray Husted, 2010-2011

Buckman Fellowship

An initiative for the study and practice of philanthropy, leadership and personal and community improvement.

fel·low·ship (fhttp://img.tfd.com/hm/GIF/ebreve.giflhttp://img.tfd.com/hm/GIF/prime.gifhttp://img.tfd.com/hm/GIF/omacr.gif-shhttp://img.tfd.com/hm/GIF/ibreve.gifphttp://img.tfd.com/hm/GIF/lprime.gif) n.

a. The condition of sharing similar interests, ideals, or experiences, as by reason of profession, religion, or nationality.

b. The companionship of individuals in a congenial atmosphere and on equal terms.


The Buckman Fellowship for Leadership in Philanthropy is a unique opportunity for faculty, staff, graduate students, and alumni of the University of Minnesota to learn about the world of philanthropy. The program is available to individuals affiliated with the College of Design (CDes), College of Education and Human Development (CE+HD), and the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences CFANS).